Blocker Tie Ring

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Blocker Tie Ring

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Comes complete with Tie Ring, Shackle, Eye Bolt and instructions. Easy to install and remove for use around the barn or trailer.

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Product Reviews

By mary1 on 10/30/2014

Saw this work in action as two horses tied--one with ring, one without--the one without pulled back, hit the end of his rope, went insane, hit legs, face, etc. on post...rope burns, bruising, swelling, etc. The horse tied next to him (mine) using the ring panicked at the other horse, pulled back hard---the ring let him get away from the thrashing horse at a safe distance, gave him relief, and no injuries to him. Just ordered 4 more.

By Angela on 05/14/2013

Works as it should. Quality product. Only thing I don't like is if used outdoors it will rust where it hinges.

By Colorado Cowgirl on 07/27/2012

I have used the aussie tie ring, and this is equally as nice at half the price. The added feature of the magnet helps keep the lead in place. I use this on my 'freak' that likes to pull back and it's helped him tremendously. I also use it on my older horses because it's so quick and easy to secure them.

By midnight rider on 07/27/2012

Great for spooky horses or young horse. They learn to tie and trust. They get release and it gives no pain. We use while camping (high line) or use it at home and anywhere we go

By Tanya on 07/27/2012

My mare is notorious for pulling back & it throws her out a lot in her hips so this product is great to slowly release the rope & give it slack when she does pull back. Its also fast to just clip the ring onto a ring instead of tying a knot around the ring.

By Grayranch on 07/27/2012

I have used the original Blocker Tie in all tying situations in my barn (stall, aisle, wash rack) and in my horse trailer. I also have a Mag-Loc version. It is much more difficult to release the rope from the Mag-Loc version. Beware that this is the Mag-Loc version, even though the picture shows the original version and the comments don't mention the Mag-Loc. I would recommend the original but not the Mag-Loc.

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