Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover

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Shower in a bottle for your horse to clean those pesky stains!

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COWBOY MAGIC Green Spot Remover/Shower in a Bottle is easy to use and formulated to:

  • Remove manure and urine spots instantly.
  • Remove wet or dried sweat instantly.
  • Gives those newly cleaned spots a high-shine after brushing

It works instantly:

  • Breaks down foreign molecules and dissolves manure, urine, dirt, and sweat, melting them away.
  • It is a deep conditioner:
    We have added silk and panthenol to strengthen the hair and condition the skin
  • It creates a shine:
    We have added shea butter to make it possible to brush up a shine after drying. It is important to use a damp towel to activate the ingredients. Follow up with a dry towel to pickup and absorb manure, dirt or sweat.
  • It only takes a small amount:
    Spray on a small amount and massage it in and wipe it off. Repeat, working on small areas. Spray, massage in, wipe off, spray, massage in, wipe off.

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Product Reviews

By Western Pleasure Lover on 07/27/2012

I have a white Poa who always rolls in his urine. I could never get the stains out, I tried; The White N Brite Purple shampoo, regular shampoo, EZall, and almost every other spot remover. I had given up hope when I saw this, I figured I should give it a shot. IT WORKED! I am more than happy to have this product. A must for horse owners with white horses.

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