Ezall Sheath Cleaner

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The best product you will ever use to clean your horse's sheath! eZal's Sheath Cleaner is all-natural and plant-based. It quickly loosens smegma and rinses out easily, helping speed up the cleansing process. It will help reduce odor and will not leave a residue. It is hypoaller­genic and is non-irritating to sensitive skin.

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  • For cleanliness, disposable gloves should be used.
  • Excessively cold water should be avoided.
  • Place a liberal amount of eZall Sheath Cleaner into palm of hand and apply into the horse's sheath. Work product into the folds of the sheath. Allow 2-3 minutes for the Sheath Cleaner to loosen smegma.
  • Occasionally, smegma will accumulate in a mass in the "blind pouch" above the opening of the urethra at the end of the horse's penis. This resulting "bean" may become large enough to interfere with urination if not removed. Carefully pull the horse's penis out of the sheath and check for this and remove gently with a fingertip.
  • After all smegma has been removed, rinse horse's sheath and penis thoroughly with clean water.
  • If a horse will accept it, the eZall foamer can be used for the application of eZall Sheath Cleaner mixed with water. A gentle, flowing water stream may be used to flush out the sheath.
  • eZall Sheath Cleaner can also be used to clean a mare's udder.
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