Feather Stable Collection by Professional's Choice

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Feather Stable Collection by Professional's Choice

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From: $40.95
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  • Tack Tote-Multiple pockets for numerous functions. From the job site to the barn, yard or garden, this bag can carry it all. Six smaller pockets hold tools, gardening utensils, brushes and other grooming equipment. The nylon elastic bands hold taller items upright. Two tall side pockets hold items secure with hook and loop closure. The inside features two large pockets and an open center. Two handles and a padded adjustable/removable shoulder strap for convenient carrying.
  • Tote Bag-Roomy Tote bag with mesh bottom for debris to fall through. Perfect for everyday use. Measures 18'' Deep x 19.5'' Width x 19'' Opening.
  • Equisential Haybag-The top loading hay bag features an extra large opening, making it easy to load. The ten diagonal openings regulate the amount of hay taken out at a time, minimizing waste and encouraging a horse to eat more slowly while tied to the horse trailer. The mesh bottom allows dirt and debris to fall through. Top flap ensures hay stays in designated area. Two reinforced, adjustable straps for easy hanging in any desired location. Folds flat for convenient storage. Measures 19'' tall x 24'' wide, with 3'' x 7'' openings.
  • Carry All Bag-This versatile bag is designed to hold any of your accessories and tack including Sports Medicine Boots or a change of clothes. Double handles and a cushioned adjustable shoulder strap make it easy and comfortable to carry. Snaps on the handles. Mesh front and bottom allows for air to circulate and dirt to fall out. Measures 20'' long x 20'' tall x 4'' wide
  • Medium Feed Haybag-This medium feed hay bag is designed for denser hays like alfalfa hay. It features the same benefits as the slow feed hay bag, encouraging horses to eat slowly to allow for proper digestion and keeps them busy when tied to the trailer. This durable hay bag has a top flap closure, loads from the top and is easily hung with detachable straps that can adjust to almost any height. Size: 19'' tall x 24'' wide, 10'' x 24'' wide top opening with 4'' x 2'' openings.
  • Slow Feed Haybag-This feeder is great for encouraging horses to eat more slowly and keeping them busy when tied to the trailer. This durable hay bag loads from the top and is easily hung up with two detachable straps. 21'' tall x 21'' wide, 9'' wide opening, 1 1/2'' square webbing.
  • Scratch Free Haybag-Free of any hardware, this medium feed hay bag is specially designed not to scratch your trailer. The top draw string closure opens fully to allow easy top loading, as well as height adjustability and is complete with reinforced webbing loops and a heavy duty rope. The medium feed encourages horses to eat slowly for proper digestion. Measures 22'' tall x 23'' wide, 3 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' openings.
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