Lag Screw Offset D-Ring Snaffle Bit

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Lag Screw Offset D-Ring Snaffle Bit

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Black Satin Dee Bit; 5" Curved Wood Screw Snaffle Mouth For Experienced Horse.

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Product Reviews

By me on 04/17/2014

id personally say , get that bit off the market ! If a horse has a problem that requires this bit , the rider needs to re think its training .

By Trainer on 03/26/2014

Use it for a couple days to get their attention. If you haven't had to use one on a couple horses to get their attention and listening to the bit, then you haven't ridden enough horses, and certainly haven't trained one!! Great attention getter if used properly!

By B on 12/29/2012

Agreeing with Ashamed of Humanity above... I generally say that bits are only as severe as the hands holding the reins. But If you think this belongs in a horse's mouth, you really shouldn't ride. Ive seen one of these in action with someone who I consider to have pretty educated hands. She barely used the bit and the horse ended up cut, edges of the mouth roughed up.

By Ashamed of Humanity on 07/27/2012

This bit is extremely severe and cruel. Will make your horse bleed without any hand pressure.

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