Myler Cyprum Correction Kimberwick Bit By Toklat

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Myler Cyprum Correction Kimberwick Bit by Toklat

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Level: Two, Three

Curved mouthpiece with two hinges and upward-curved piece in the center. Port measures 1 1/2"

Function:Downward pressure on tongue and bars. Collapses on outside of bars.

Usage: Rewards the horse with a "comfort zone" when relaxed at the poll. Good bit for collection and stopping. Works well for spoiled horses and horses who run through the bit. A good choice for horses with low palates.


A Dee ring with a short straight purchase at the top of the Dee. The headstall is affixed to the purchase and the rein is then attached to the Dee. The rein has a fixed attachment to one or two hooks.

Function: Functions as both a direct action and leverage bit using a curb strap or chain. If the rien is attached to the top hook, it works as a direct action bit, exerting the same amount of pressure on the mouth as on the reins. If the rein is attached to the bottom hook, it works like a leverage bit, tilting the mouthpiece forward and applying pressure to the parts of the mouth curb and poll.

Usage: Used in English disciplines.

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