Myler Ported Mullen Barrel Bit By Toklat

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Myler Ported Mullen Barrel Bit By Toklat

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Design: Curved mouthpiece with upward curve and jointed barrel in center. 1½" Port. 5" mouth.

Downward pressure on top of bars
No tongue pressure
Some palate pressure
Turns solid when asking for a stop

Special Note: A very mild mouthpiece that works well for mature and finished horses, be cautious of using on younger horses.

A length of metal with two rings and fixed mouhtpiece attachment. The top ring is for headstall and curb strap attachment; the bottom ring is for the reins. The length of metal below the mouthpiece is round and bent at an angle toward the rider's hands. The top, or purchase, is angled away from the horse and the ring is squared. 7" shank.

Function: Shanks are used for leverage and, typically, with a curb strap or chain. Depending upon the mouthpiece used, backward and upward pressure on the reins transfers into downward pressure on the poll, pressure on the curb, and forward and downward pressure on the palate. The tops, or purchases are bent away from the horse to prevent discomfort or rubbing.

Usage: Used in Western disciplines.

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Product Reviews

By trailrider on 12/17/2012

My Foxtrotter mare LOVES this bit! Better than any other I've tried, and I've tried a bunch! She does better in this bit (#33 ported mouthpiece) than a Myler I have without a port. So must appreciate the tongue relief.

By Cally Jo on 07/27/2012

It's a great bit for a broke, calm horse who doesn't need much for control.

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