Purishield Skin Spray

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Formulated to help your animal manage sub-dermal skin irritations such as skin infections, skin fungus, hot spots, rain rot, burns and scratches.

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Purishield Skin is a topical treatment that supports the management of viruses, bacteria and fungi that contribute to these skin issues. It is safe for use on all large animals and their skin dermal conditions.
  • Vet approved
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Steroid-free and antibiotic-free
  • Contains no alcohol, iodine, tea tree oil or bleach
  • Non-irritating and non-resistant formula
  • Safe if licked or ingested
  • Biodegradable

    Directions for Use: Hold bottle 6?8 inches away from wound while gently squeezing the trigger, applying liberally. Repeat process until the entire area has been treated. If required, apply a clean, sterile bandage. Change bandage daily, applying Purishield Skin with each new dressing change until problem has resolved.
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