Rebound Hoof Pack

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Rebound Hoof Pack

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  • It's finally time to say goodbye to the duck tape and individual ingredients etc. you keep spending both time and money. Rebound Hoof Pack® is a potent, super sticky hoof pack formulated to draw pain, soreness and inflammation out of the hoof. This unique formula adheres directly to the hoof so you will never have to wrap again! Rebound Hoof Pack® will get the sting out after a hard gallop, pulled shoes or a long day's work. It's so easy there's no excuse not to pack your horse's hooves again!
  • Epsom Salts - Draws out heat and soreness from the hoof structure
  • Iodine - Active ingredient for antimicrobial and ant-fungal purposes
  • Pine Tar - For moisture balance and to promote hoof growth
  • Arnica- A homeopathic anti-inflammatory
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